Tim Lunceford

 DSC4447(1)Tim is the drummer for the band (8)Balls & A Box. Tim has been playing drums for 25+ years and has been in numerous country and rock bands in the SW Kansas & Oklahoma Panhandle. Tim met his wife Melanie in one of the country bands he was in back in the mid-nineties. Tim played in various country bands over the years and along the way played in a few different rock bands as well. Tim also had the opportunity to be the studio drummer for some tracks on a couple different christian rock albums that were released a couple years ago. Tim was active in choir in all through school and was in the pep band in college at OPSU where he played drums. In his current band (8)Balls & A Box, Tim plays drums, sings and plays the bass on occasion. Currently, Tim's favorite band is Opeth.

Additional Info

  • Make: Tama
  • Drum Size: 10" | 12" | 14" | 16"
  • Cymbals: Sabian
  • Cymbal Size: 6,8,14,16,18,22,
  • Hardware: Gibraltar
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