All Night Long

Feb 02

Hello Everyone!  We are officially back and in full force!  We would like to take this time to thank everyone for being patient with us and not forgetting about us!  In the past 3 years or so we have overcome several different obsticles that were unforseen and unavoidable.  Fortunately we made it through them and kept the band together through all of the "stuff".  We have been slowly getting back into the swing of things, trying to match schedules up enough to rehearse, and finally play shows.  We have had the opportunity to play a couple shows over the past few months.  We have the same lineup in the band as we had starting back in 2012 when Amos came on board (5 years ago?  Really it has been that long already?).  We are currently working on new material and working out the bugs of new equipment.  We would also like to take this time to apologize to all that came to the new years eve show and had to endure the new gear woes that happened that night.  The issues we had that evening we were un aware of and did not anticipate that they were going to cause issues, so again we apologize for that.  We are in the midst of looking for new venues to play at, so if you are interested in booking us, please click the "Book Us" link up at the top.  It will shoot us an email with all of the information that is filled out in that form.  So if you are new to us, please check out the "Videos" section and give us a listen.  Thanks for all of the continued support!  Also, make plans this spring for our official 10 year decade of Rock show that is currently being planned.  No official dates yet, but stay tuned!

We would like to wish everyone a very happy New Year. We would also like the thank the Pop A Top Lounge for having us out last night. It was fun! On another note, our brother and fellow musician Jacob has decided to leave the band. He will be moving to Vegas soon. We will miss him, more than he knows, but understand that some times, change MUST happen. Brother, it has been an AWESOME journey with you over the past 9 years. Many notes played, many miles driven, many meals shared, many stories embellished on. We love you brother. Don't be a stranger, and keep in touch!  On that note, we will be taking a bit of time off to restructure a bit, as you can imagine, and start the search for a guitarist.  If you have an interest in playing live rock music for fun, and can play guitar, please get ahold of us.  



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