All Night Long

Jun 25
Man, has it been a year since I posted on this site? Yes it has. Well, the band is still going strong. We might not play out as much as we would like, but hey, some times life happens and it just gets in the way. We are still booking shows and are looking for events to take place in. If you haven't heard us in a while, I encourage you to take a listen on our youtube channel. You will get a pretty good idea of what we are about, what influences us to play and who we are as people. So there you have it, the first post of the year. Check us out!
Jan 31

Well 2017 has come and gone and we didn't play much that year.  Some times life gets in the way.  Unfortunately, when you have other commitments, such as a family, a career and other things that come up, some times not all of what you WANT to do gets done.  Unfortunately for us, I think that is what happened last year.  We played Rocktane 2017 at the VFW in Liberal, Kansas on September 16th and loved every minute of it.  We thank everyone for putting on such a great event.  Our first show in 2018 is scheduled for April 27th at the VWF in Liberal, Kansas.  We hope to see all of our fans there.  We are planning on playing more shows this year and getting back into our regular swing of things.  For more information on shows, please check our shows listing here or on our facebook page.  Again, thanks to everyone that has supported us through the years and continue to support us into the future.


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